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Soft Machine Legacy
Esoteric Antenna are pleased to announce that we will be releasing the new Soft Machine Legacy studio album early in 2013. More news will follow very soon, but in the meantime here is a video of the band's performance at the Deutsche Jazz Festival in Berlin on Sunday 28th October as a foretaste of their splendid new album!
It's hard to believe that it's October already, 2012 seems to have flown by, but Esoteric Recordings have a busy schedule up to the end of the year with some splendid catalogue albums along with new studio albums!
October Releases
Looking ahead to November, we have two splendid new Hawkwind related albums on Esoteric Antenna...
Hawkwind Light Orchestra
Hawkwind Light Orchestra 'Stellar Variations'
Hawkwind Light Orchestra is the collective name for a new studio project by Hawkwind founding member Dave Brock, long serving stalwart Richard Chadwick and sharp, bright blade Niall Hone. 'Stellar Variations' is a collection of music forged as a by-product of the tyranny of distance. The material features typical Hawkwind themes of otherworldly splendour and strange, glistening, aural landscapes. There are futuristic prophecies, animalistic war chants, stellar peace hymns and an ongoing self-referential opera. 'Stellar Variations' is the sound of three musicnauts firing on all cylinders and is an essential album in the Hawkwind canon.
Dave Brock
Dave Brock 'Looking For Love In The Lost Land Of Dreams'
'Looking For Love In The Lost Land Of Dreams' is the new, and arguably the finest, solo album by Dave Brock. Created over a five-year period, Dave explains; "It's an album that was created using different recording techniques. It's a collection of recordings that capture those magic moments that one tries to achieve in the studio".

Featuring appearances by Hawkwind's drummer Richard Chadwick and the late Jason Stuart on keyboards, the album is a fine gathering of material that encompasses Space Rock, Ambient and Psychedelic styles that are the hallmark of Brock's solo work and his work with Hawkwind.
There will be more news to come very soon on our November releases and as ever you can keep up to date with Esoteric news on our Facebook page and our Twitter page.

Best wishes, the Esoteric Recordings team