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Rosalie Cunningham

Rosalie Cunningham releases brand new single & video 'Number 149 / Fossil Song'

Number 149Since her critically acclaimed debut solo album was released in 2019, Rosalie Cunningham has taken to the road wherever possible. She toured the length and breadth of the country twice before the coronavirus pandemic forced things to a halt. After postponing a confirmed European and US tour Rosalie spent 2020 writing the best part of her much anticipated second album.

12 March is a first glimpse at the sound that Rosalie has been crafting for past eighteen months. Number 149 is a dramatic, psychedelic hit, with a performance that typifies her previous work whilst evolving it to new places. The singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has progressed in both style and substance, and Rosalie maintains her theatrical dazzle and focus is still firmly rooted in ‘60s and ‘70s progressive rock and psychedelia.

Watch here:

There is an organic feel to Rosalie’s music, a testament to her ability to work with almost exclusively analogue equipment, giving Number 149 and B-Side Fossil Song a warmth and nostalgia, but with a clarity and maturity that demonstrates its contemporary take on the classic.

The development of Number 149 found Rosalie reminiscing about her childhood, a time when things were more magical. Rosalie says: “There wasn’t an awful lot going on during lockdown, so looking back was a source of inspiration for me. Number 149 and Fossil Song are both heavily nostalgic. 149 is about the house I grew up in that still, all these years later, worms its way into my dreams almost nightly in forever transmuting guises. There is obviously a deep yearning in me to return to a time when the world seemed a much more magical place and those rooms, those bricks and mortar, represent that to me.”

Fossil Song is a more poignant and sobering number, but one also born of nostalgia: “Fossil Song, less of a happy memory, is about trauma. I won’t go into what exactly that means for me but I'm sure we all have been scarred emotionally at some point in our lives. It’s about carrying that memory, that embossed fossil mark upon your heart with you to the grave. Chipper, eh?”

Rosalie has European festival dates this summer and a headline European tour in 2022, with a new album on the horizon. A colourful video accompanies the release of Number 149, which is available as a limited edition 7” vinyl while stocks last from here.